Equestrian Body Positivity

Body Positivity

A Blog Post By Alexandra Uren


2019 has brought with it a lot of great things. It’s brought us soaring temperatures, it’s brought us a bunch of brand new Just Jodz products, and an inspirational Glastonbury performance from self-love superstar Lizzo.


One of the best things from 2019 has been a recognition and acceptance of body diversity, both in everyday life and in the equestrian industry. More and more, we are starting to see equestrian brands designing and producing clothing to suit a whole range of people. A whole range of sizes, shapes and body types are now wearing the products with confidence.


As a brand focused on delivering quality and fashionable products to equestrians all over, we know that it makes zero sense to exclude people by only having a small selection of sizes.  Our commitment to producing clothing for all sizes goes so much deeper than that though. We’re determined to not only bring quality products to equestrians, but confidence and pride in what they are wearing.


The view that all horse riders should boast super-lean, athletic physiques is slowly changing. The more we can do to break down this stereotype the better. You could be a 5* eventer, a dressage champion or happy to have a pootle around the woods on your day off; we know that all bodies are different and unique. But more importantly, we know that everybody deserves to feel good in their riding clothes – no matter how they feel about their body.


Just Jodz and Body Positivity

While body positivity in the equestrian world still has a way to go, Just Jodz are proud to supply jodhpurs, breeches and riding leggings in a wide range of sizes. We currently stock from a 6 up to a 22. We hope that we can do our bit to break the stigma around larger bodies in the equestrian world, while helping all our customers feel comfortable and confident in their riding wear – which will help you feel comfortable and confident on your horse!


So, what is it about Just Jodz products that make them so great for all shapes and sizes? First of all, a huge number of our breeches, jodhpurs and leggings are bold, bright and colourful to have you feeling the 10/10 you are. Our light blue, lavender and red breeches look great on absolutely everyone, and the 4 way super stretchy fabric means they’ll keep you comfortable all day long.


If you’re after something a little more subtle, our black, navy, burgundy and olive green breeches look gorgeous on all body types. These are high waisted, extremely stretchy and breathable, guaranteed to have you feeling (and riding!) your very best! Plus, they have super grippy silicon knees for that extra security in the saddle.


How To Feel More Body Positive

Thinking that you’d love to feel more positive but not sure where to start? The first step is riding wear that you feel great in. The second, a social media cleanse. Follow the people who inspire you, not the people who make you feel bad about yourself. Imagine what you would say to yourself if you were your friend. Would you berate yourself for not having the ‘ideal’ rider’s body? No, you’d tell your friend that life’s too short!

Finally, focus on what your body can do, and not how it looks. Nailed that half pass? Celebrate it! Jumped your first clear round? That calls for champagne. And above all else, remember that unless you’re dressed like a giant carrot, your horse really, really, really doesn’t care what you look like.


We love to see a diverse range of equestrians modelling Just Jodz products, and brands need to stick together to ensure different body types are given the recognition they deserve. Don’t believe us? Have a look at our Instagram to see just how diverse our customers are. And if you’re feeling extra special in your brand new pair of leggings, jodhpurs or breeches then please tag us! If there’s one thing we love to see, it’s Just Jodz equestrians feeling great about themselves.


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