Most Expensive Equestrian Products

Hermes Saddle

By Alexandra Uren

Most of us are guilty of overspending when it comes to our horses. Whether it’s that super sparkly more-expensive-than-our-weekly-food-shop saddle pad, or a pair of boots that cost almost a month’s wages, splashing out is a whole lot easier when you’ve got a horse-shaped buddy to buy for.

So, in an attempt to make us all feel better about that brand new matchy-matchy set, we’re taking a look at the most expensive equestrian products ever. No matter how much your bank balance cries that you really don’t need a new pair of breeches, let’s all feel proud that we’ve never indulged in anything quite this extravagant – and then buy the breeches anyway!

Let’s check out the most expensive equestrian products ever.

Hermes Saddle

If you thought Hermes belonged on the runway in Paris and not in your tack room, you’re in for a surprise! While the famous Hermes scarves aren’t best utilised at the yard, the Hermes Cavale II saddle makes a serious statement; close contact, beautifully balanced and oh so catwalk-worthy.

We can’t envisage anyone at our own yard heading out for a hack and rocking the Hermes Cavale II, not least because it retails at over £6000! But though the price tag may make our eyes water, we’re still ever so slightly tempted.

The Crown Prince’s Saddle

The Guinness Book of Records have cited the most expensive saddle in the world as one belonging to the Crown Prince of Dubai. It was sold at an auction for £432,310, with the proceeds going to charity.

Unfortunately, there’s little information on the make and design of the saddle, but surely it must have been made from solid gold or diamonds to justify that price?

Any Hermes Equestrian Product

Hermes are so serious about their equestrian collection that they have their own range of saddlepads, breeches, competition jackets and so much more.

These items aren’t for those on a budget, with their Doudou Shock Absorbing Pad retailing at over £600 – more than most saddles! And forget affordable equestrian wear, the Hermes breeches retail at over £1,100. It probably goes without saying that we’ll be sticking to Just Jodz, which are just as comfy and less than 5% of the price. They may not be amongst the most  expensive equestrian products, but we think they are the best!

Just Jodz ‘Priceless’ Breeches

If you’re recoiling in horror at the thought of Just Jodz being on the list for the most expensive anything, don’t worry.

Our super bling breeches aren’t crazy expensive, they’re priceless! While we all love a bit of bling on our equestrian gear, these breeches take bling to a whole new level. There’s over 7000 hand-applied crystals across these unique breeches – get your sunglasses ready.

Oakley Supremacy

It’s no surprise that a fancy horse lorry can be costly, and while we can only dream of cruising into our local show venue in the Oakley Supremacy, this is a reality for the mega-wealthy.

Up there as one of the most expensive lorries on the market, this horsebox costs a cool £355,000 + VAT – more than the average house, and it’s unlikely you’ll get a mortgage on it!

For that price you can enjoy large luxury living accommodation thanks to the slide out sides, a walk in shower area, stylish walnut wood furniture, thermostatically controlled heating, Sky TV and surround sound. Think of splitting the cost with everyone on your yard? Think again! This lorry only has room for 5!

Fugaichi Pegasus

While we can’t really call an actual racehorse an ‘expensive equestrian product’, we simply couldn’t round off this article without mentioning the most expensive horse in history.

Sold for over £53 million to Coolmore Stud in Ireland, Fugaichi Pegasus had winnings of almost $2 million. His original owners bought him as a yearling for $4 million – that’s pocket change compared to his final price.

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