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A blog post by Alexandra Uren


Introducing our Brand New, Budget-Friendly Jodhpurs and Breeches


Let’s face it, equestrian clothing isn’t exactly renowned for being affordable, and if you’re fed up of having to fork out £40 plus for a pair of breeches or jodhpurs, you’ve come to the right place.


Our breeches and jodhpurs are specially designed with value for money and quality in mind, but even we know that £20 here and there can add up, especially for us equestrians who have so much else to pay for!


With that in mind, please allow us to introduce something very exciting…in the form of our brand new range of extra budget-friendly jodhpurs and breeches! These are being released at the end of the month and are an even more affordable alternative to our best sellers.


Cheap Breeches


So what makes our new range of breeches so much cheaper? While you may be expecting a reduction in quality, Just Jodz would never do that to you and, as always, quality is at the forefront of our new designs.


To put it simply, our new cheap breeches are just a stripped down version of the classic Just Jodz breeches we all know and love. They still have the lycra socks for comfort under your boots, and they’re made from our extra durable cotton and elastane. The 4 way stretch means they’re easily as comfortable as breeches from more expensive brands.


With 4 colours available; black, navy, white and beige, these breeches are perfect for your daily equestrian duties as well as, let’s face it, the odd trip to the supermarket. Wear them for mucking out, hacking out and going about all your equestrian business – they stand the test of time making the £19 price tag even better. The white and beige pairs are easily smart enough to wear at competitions, whether you’re flying round a showjumping course or showing off your half pass.


Ready to shop our brand new breeches? they cost just £19 so you could even get yourself 2 pairs!


Cheap Jodhpurs


Introducing some of the most affordable jodhpurs around! Launching at the end of this month, our budget-friendly jodhpurs are available in both black and navy. They’re perfect for riding, yard duties, or even lounging around the house…although we’d recommend having a clean pair on hand for this!


Like our classic jodhpurs, these are super comfortable, machine washable and made from durable cotton and elastane. They have 4 way stretch for added comfort, and look great on anyone and everyone.


As a stripped down version of our standard jodhpurs, these are perfect if you’re on a budget. Shop now for just £15!


For affordability, durability and an unbeatable look, Just Jodz should be any equestrian’s go-to! While all our products are designed with value for money in mind, our latest range boasts some of our most affordable jodhpurs and breeches yet.

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