Brand Ambassadors

Our Just Jodz Brand Ambassador scheme is available for anyone who loves Just Jodz and what we stand for. It is a way for us to say thank you to our customers, give a boost to those that would like to be linked to an up and coming brand, and a way for you to earn money from our products too.

To be a Just Jodz Brand Ambassador  you need to know who and what you are promoting: why our products are unique,the values of the brand, and the area of the market we sit in. We would never mislead or mis-sell a product to customers and do not want our Ambassadors doing this either, being an Ambassador you represent our brand so our applicants need to love the brand as much as we do. There is a lot of work involved so your passion has too be in the brand you are promoting. Brand Ambassadors are part of our Just Jodz family and our main aim is to help and support all of you who want to be a part of our family.

Our Brand Ambassador application is below:

We can’t wait to hear from you! x

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